The Tennessee Boltsmokers (TNBS)

Tennessee Boltsmokers

TNBS continue their direction left of the the bluegrass center, with their latest release Vintage All American Dream. “The idea for the record really started with the title track, which I wrote after spending a day at a flea market thumbing through old vinyl collections and browsing a few thrift shops for some snap shirts and jeans. We had taken some time off from any live shows and just started meeting up and pickin…exchanging ideas and tightening the screws on how we interact musically. These guys are all so laid back and talented, by the time we went in to record we were able to pretty much cut it live” (Mark McKinney).

McKinney’s sense of time and place in his writing tell the stories of a lifetime spent in Memphis. His ode to childhood memories of riding to the station in his dad’s gray-on-gray LTD Ford and watching iconic & homeless figure Dancing Jimmy, or his young adult years as a Midtown Manic – staying out all night and playing the local venues every weekend…

Vintage All American Dream has some of the best performances and storytelling we’ve heard thus far from TNBS. Previous releases Songs From the Floor (2003) and Hydroradio (2006)


Listen Midtown

Listen Vintage All-American Dream



Songs From The Floor Cover Hydro-Radio Cover

Songs From The Floor

01. Midtown
02. Never Be Mine
03. New York City on the Floor
04. Heart of Stone
05. (Turn Out the Light)
And Love Me Tonight
06. Running Around
07. Undertow
08. Carry Me Away
09. Robin’s Song
10. Everybody


01. Hydroradio/Loving You
02. Smoking Gun
03. Nickel and Dime Blues
04. Gone Too Long
05. Turn This Thing Around
06. Light Is Still On
07. Vicksburg
08. Cotton Farmer
09. Shotgun Wedding
10. Angeline
11. Miles and Miles
12. Hit the Road

Vintage All American Dream Cover Cover
Vintage All American Dream

01. Midtown Manic
02. Vintage All American Dream
03. Jumpstop
04. Dancing Jimmy
05. Fool for You
06. Black Soda Gazette
07. Cromarty
08. Driving My Life Away
09. Smokers’ Revenge
10. Angel Of Mercy




Tennesse Boltsmokers


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