Robert Nighthawk & The Wampus Cats

Wampus Cats

This band can play. The Wampus Cats first started in W. C. Handy Park on Beale Street in 1984, and were honored to receive a Brass Note on the Beale Street Walk of Fame in 2018. With every note their seasons on Beale and devotion to the Memphis sound is evident. The four piece band adds Hammond organ and Hohner
Clavinet, electric pianos and amplified harmonica to many of their songs, along with the guitar, bass and drums and percussion. The Wampus Cats sound like they have been playing together for 30 years. They have.
The first release on Madjack Records, Cheating Time, is new music, all written by the band, and recorded in Memphis. Cheating Time is not your average Blues recording, it goes beyond the expected and pedantic. A studio album, created with love, it hits many styles, ballads to blues, Rockabilly, hillbilly jazz, introspective
pieces, and then changing gears to a fascinating song about Sputnik Monroe, the man who desegregated Memphis, in a wrestling ring. There are also two cool insturmentals, one funky, one a rollicking jump blues played by Memphis Mike Forrest’s son, Will Forrest, who rips guitar rides on this song, written just for him.
The Wampus Cats bring refreshing surprises with this one, and if you have not heard them yet, enjoy a listen. Hear what Memphis has born.

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Wampus Cats Cover

Cheating Time

1. Cheating Time
2. Broken Heart
3. Lost At Love
4. Will To Swing
5. Do Me That Way
6. Sputnick Monroe
7. Regardless
8. I’m Blue
9. Duplicity
10. She’s Stopping Traffic
11. Foxy Brown




Robert Nighthawk & The Wampus Cats