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Arkedelphia: After a hiatus of 10 years, Rob Jungklas is back with a full-length work that has everybody talking. “Arkadelphia” is a radical departure from his previous work “Closer to the Flame” (1986) on Manhattan Records (which included 3 hit singles, a MTV video, and a track in the movie “The Principal”, starring Jim Belushi). In 1989, Rob released “Worksong For a New Moon” (RCA/BMG) before taking his extended hiatus from the music scene. Having been immersed in the Memphis music scene ever since, Rob has remained in touch with musical elements and culture that surrounds the southern delta–“Arkadelphia” is full of brooding and voodoo, loss and redemption. Gully: Rob’s last release, “Arkadelphia,” was one of the smartest, darkest, and most profound of any of it’s peer releases in 2002. The nuance of his latest work, “Gully,” stands up to it’s predecessor with a sense of time and place, life and death, God and devil, death and dirt. “Gully” is sure to hit the exceptional release list of 2007, as well as one of Madjack’s proudest releases in it’s ten years of presenting Memphis music. Mapping the Wreckage:Rob’s third release on Madjack Records, featuring an allstar line up of Memphis musicians, recorded at legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. In November 2013, The Spirit and The Spine will be released. This record, which again features some of Memphis’ finest, completes a trilogy of records including Arkadelphia and Gully.


Listen X For My Name

Listen Automatic

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Arkadelphia Cover Gully Cover


01. Drunk Like Son House
02. Hell and Helena
03. The Holy Spirit
04. Human Cannonball
05. X For My Name
06. Engine of Vengeance
07. God Rode Through Clarksdale
08. Crooked Letter i
09. Soul of Arkedelphia
10. Poker Face


01. No Iuka
02. John Doe
03. Ghost
04. Burn It Away
05. Gully
06. I Seen a Rocket
07. God’s Right Hand
08. Singing In Your Blood
09. Monster
10. Ain’t No Levee
11. Mule

Mapping The Wreckage Cover The Spirit and The Spine Cover
Mapping The Wreckage

01. Can’t Heal Up
02. Detox
03. Pleasure of the Curve
04. Reptile Brain
05. Moon is Turned to Blood
06. Say the Word Kiss
07. Medicine
08. Girl Named Resurrection
09. Horse
10. Transfiguration

The Spirit and The Spine

01. Black Snake Moan
02. Automatic
03. Crawl
04. Spit
05. Say Damn
06. Bring The Night
07. Rise, Dead Man
08. Again
09. Serpent On The Fuselage
10. Glory

Blackbirds Cover

01. Blackbirds
02. Spiritual Beauty of Material Things
03. Nothing To Fade
04. Shine
05. Gone
06. Diggers
07. Hymn
08. Low Hanging Fruit
09. Vitriol
10. Carry Me Home




Rob Jungklas


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