Rev. Neil Down

Rev. Neil DownThere’s two things a listener should keep in mind when devouring a new album from Rev Neil Down. The first is he is a natural born wanderer, both in body and in mind, one of those guys who is always contemplating what’s around the next corner or what adventures the new day might bring. The second is that he’s a Memphis based musician. Memphis is his anchor both musically and spiritually.

Some people wander from the comfort of their easy chair, some actually take it to the highway; either method is equally acceptable.

Listen Healing Hand


Jana Jana Cover

Every Block Needs An Alley

1. Healing Hand
2. Meet Me
3. Last Time I Left Oklahoma
4. Just Call Me Lonesome
5. Pink Pants
6. Sorry
7. Truth of the Matter
8. Without You I Can’t Ride
9. Surrounded By Blue
10. Surfin’ The Aare