The original band of MADJACK Records, The Pawtuckets combine a little bit of a lot of things. They’ve been cited for influences of country, rock, blues and even R&B.

The Pawtuckets features Mark McKinney on vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, and harmonica, Andy Grooms on vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and wurlitzer, Mark Stuart on bass and Kevin Cubbins on guitar and pedal steel and the tracks include performances by Ross Rice, Steve Selvidge, Susan Marshall Powell, Jimmy Davis, and John Westover.


Listen She's Gone

Listen Mississippi Parking Lot



Dogsbody Factotum Cover Rest of Our Days Cover

Dogsbody Factotum

01. She’s Gone
02. Where You Are
03. Lonely Dreams
04. August In Arizona
05. 11 Point Ferry
06. Going Down
07. Empty Bottle
08. River Road
09. End It All Blues
10. Old Fashioned Way
11. Broken Heart
12. Smooth Water

Rest of Our Days

01. Blackberry Winter
02. Set Up
03. Hatchie Bottom
04. Punchline Explicit
05. Mississippi Parking Lot
06. Too Far Gone
07. Leavin’
08. Sweetness
09. When It All Comes Down
10. Shade
11. Shovel Goes Down
12. Song For Emily
13. Rest of Our Days




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