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Jed Zimmerman is quickly becoming hailed as a troubadour talent comparable to the best of the last 30+ years. Originally from Memphis, TN, Jed has been a nationally touring act for the better part of this decade. It is in the Texas and Southwest area however, that he finds himself most at home.

His previously self-released works (Lose to Win, 2005) and (Songs to Take Home, 2007)
were recorded and produced by legendary Memphis songsmith and mentor Keith Sykes.
Songs to Take Home landed in the number two spot on XM Radio’s X Country Chart and
gathered 4 out of 4 stars in Memphis’ Commercial Appeal. Both recordings produced
a stable of original songs, which have been recorded and performed by many other

Jed has recorded a new EP Write Now, released on MADJACK Records. Combining the muddy Mississippi Delta with the majestic mountains of the southwest, Write Now is a stripped down acoustic approach, epitomizing Jed’s true worth as a writer devoted to his craft. Recorded in Midtown Memphis, TN on a breezy afternoon, Write Now is possibly Jed’s most honest and true moment to date as a singer songwriter.


Listen Rise and Shine

Listen Walls of Graceland



Write Now Cover Shedlight Cover

Write Now

01. Ramblin’ Rose
02. Girl on Galloway
03. Black Eyed Susan
04. Weatherman
05. Love Left Me Today

Trinity My Dear

01. Corrie & Loretta
02. Ramblin’ Road Song
03. Rise & Shine
04. Texas-New Mexico Line
05. Break Up The Band
06. In The Picture With You
07. First Fall Wind
08. Blue Enough
09. Just Like April
10. Back Home Down In Memphis
11. Walls Of Graceland
12. End Of The Aisle
13. Jack’s 5th Floor Lullabye




Jed Zimmerman


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