Jed Zimmerman’s “Shedlight” Coming Soon!

Available for digital download September 3, 2013!

Jed Zimmerman-Shedlight

Madjack Records is proud to announce the release of Jed Zimmerman’s new recording titled “Shedlight”. The songwriting here reflects the varied life experiences one encounters during years of traveling, living and playing music in starkly diverse locations. For several years, Jed resided in Memphis, TN, all the while soaking up the city’s eclectic blend of musical influences. He and fellow Memphis songwriter Keith Sykes began working together and eventually Jed landed in Texas where he met the likes of Guy Clark, Joe Ely,  Rodney Crowell and the ever present spirit of Townes Van Zandt. His songwriting continued to grow along the way. Jed spent considerable time in Taos, NM as well, drawing on its beauty, and its landscape poetry, leading to songs like Shedlight’s “Texas New Mexico Line”. During this period, Jed also married a beautiful girl and they now have two children. So of course, the depth of the songwriting increased accordingly, as Jed dabbled from life’s evolving palette.

Given Zimmerman’s background, when it came time to record Shedlight, it made perfect sense to collaborate with Texas’ Walt Wilkins of Mystiqueros fame. Walt produced the Shedlight sessions in Texas with a host of the area’s finest musicians including (Dick Gimble, Jimmy Davis, Corby Shaulb, Ray Rodriguez and harmonies by Tina Mitchell Wilkins .) After the main tracks were recorded in Texas, Walt and Jed sent the music to Memphis’ world famous Sun Studios where horns (Jim Spake, Scott Thompson) and background vocals (Kait Lawson, Susan Marshall) were added.The result is a collection of songs that beautifully blend a multitude of influences.
In the 1970’s, on the classic country album “Wanted! The Outlaws”, with Willie and Waylon and Jessie Colter, Tom Paul Glaser sings “T for Texas, T for Tennessee”. In 2013, Jed’s music continues this geographical marriage. While Tennessee boys Davy Crockett and Sam Houston once shed blood in Texas, Jed Zimmerman humbly opts to “Shedlight”